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Une Bonne Histoire | Adina Secretan


camera and editor


In the 2000s, young women working for Securitas were offered an extra 6 francs on their hourly wage, for "a rather special mission": to infiltrate activist circles in French-speaking Switzerland. They created roles for themselves, inventing false names and pasts. The only company known to date to have benefited from these espionage services is Nestlé. 15 years later, Une Bonne Histoire brings this affair back to the place it should perhaps have been from the start: the theater. A counter-staging by two actresses. Real ones this time.


Performance: Joëlle Fontannaz and Claire Forclaz

Investigation and direction: Adina Secretan

Puppet design, costumes and props: Severine Besson

Lighting and stage design: Florian Leduc

Set design collaboration: Marine Brosse and Redwan Reys

Sound design: Benoît Moreau

Legal advice: Me Luisa Bottarelli, Collectif d'avocat.e.s, Lausanne

Knowledge sharing and multiple support:
Les Éditions d'en bas, Lionel Baier, Yves Besson, Louis Bonard, Jessica Droz, Alec Feuz, Franklin Frederick, David Gagnebin-de Bons, Elise Gagnebin-de Bons, josette, Julia Kreuziger, müsli, Florence Proton, Janick Schaufelbuehl, Béatrice Schmid, Sébastien Schnyder, Barbara Rimml, Dragos Tara, zonZon

Switzerland 2022

Une Bonne Histoire | trailer

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