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Soft Austerity | Lucas del Rio Estévez and Cédric Gagneur


director and editor

Choreography and dance: Lucas del Rio Estévez and Cédric Gagneur

Choreography's assistant: Chantal Sieber

Lucas del Rio Estévez and Cédric Gagneur started their dance career with Breaking (Breakdance) and became, each in their own way, choreographers of contemporary dance . This common background has awakened in both of them a great curiosity to exchange ideas and to collaborate. Soft Austerity is the result of a two-week residency together at Theatre Roxy (Basel). They explored what emerges from the encounter of their individual biographies and their individual style of movement. A unique movement language emerged, characterised by lightness, simplicity and unexpectedness.


​Soft Austerity is a co-production with Theater ROXY (Basel-Landschaft) and was created in the frame of MIXED PICKLES #9 – a laboratory for performance and dance.


Supported by Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS, Scheidegger-Thommen-Stiftung and other private foundations and by the department of culture Basel-Stadt:

Basel - Switzerland | 2020

photos by Yuri Tavares
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