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Refugee Stories

short webseries / documentary

director and editor

Myra | Part 1

Myra | Part 2

Myra | Part 3

Lev | Part 1

Lev | Part 2

Lev | Part 3

The “Refugee Stories” project was created to bring a lens to the humanity of the refugee crisis. Each refugee story and experience is different; collectively, they show the resiliency and strength of the human spirit. With these interviews we are celebrating and memorializing these individual stories. This project was made possible through a grant with The New School, whose history is rooted in principles of academic freedom, tolerance and social engagement.

Direction: Cristina Müller and Kristin Sztyk

Production: Deanna Kamiel (in memoriam) and Paul Hardart

Camera and sound: Cristina Müller and Yuri Tavares

Editing: Cristina Müller and Kristin Sztyk

Special thanks: Michael Stuart and The New School

New York | 2018

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