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Quem Matou Eloá? | Who Killed Eloá?

documentary | 26'


In 2008, Lindemberg Alves, a 22-year-old man, broke into his ex-girlfriend's apartment and held her hostage for five days. Eloá Pimentel was 15 years old and the crime was largely covered by TV channels. The film takes a look at the spectacularisation of violence against women and how TV media deals with this violence, revealing one of the reasons why Brazil has one of the highest murder rates of women in the world.

Produced by DocTela

Direction: Livia Perez
Executive Production: Giovanni Francischelli
Production: Fernanda De Capua
Cinematography: Cris Lyra
Sound: Clara Cervantes
Music: Julia Teles
Art Direction: André Menezes

São Paulo, Brazil | 2015

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