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Poems From Inner Space - Episode 1 | PrismaKollektiv

trailer and video of the performance

camera and editor


PR-SMA turns urban space into a stage with dance and sound

Polymorphic beings dance across meadows and asphalt. They are at the same time flora and fauna, atom and energy, physical and spiritual matter. They move according to their own patterns of time and space. Their longing for the unfathomable origin brings them together in the here and now to negotiate a coexistence as a new body: out of friction, harmony, dissonance and decay, an organism emerges that holds more than the sum of its individual parts.

Equipped with headphones, the spectators experience the dance-staged Bäderquartier on different routes to the Sachs Pavilion, which becomes an open-air stage for this event. The dance performance takes the audience into the resonance spaces between man and the world and plays there with variations of our anthropocentric view. It is the first part of Poems From Inner Space. The collective PR-SMA presents the trilogy over three seasons in the public terrain of the city of Baden, in the body of the Kurtheater and on its stage.

with Alex Ferro Chiara, Martina Halter, Abraham Iglesias Rodriguez, Nina Maria Richard, Oriana “Glory” Zeoli


artistic direction PR·SMA | choreography Elena Morena Weber, Lucas del Rio Estévez & ensemble composition Luca Magni scenography Demian Bern | costumes Ljuba Avvakumova | sculptures Kestutis “Kestas” Svirnelis | light Patrick Hunka voice Barbara Stoll | co-production Kurtheater Baden support Aargauer Kuratorium, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Kulturstiftung der Credit Suisse Aargau, Stiftung Lebensraum Aargau.


camera work with Alexandre Frager, Alexandre Montin, Carlos Tapia and Yuri Tavares

Switzerland 2022

Poems From Inner Space – Episode 1 | trailer

Poems From Inner Space – Episode 1 | excerpt

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