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Nalc | Cie CHamploO


director and editor

Choreography - Rafael Smadja
assisted by Amaury Réot

Musical composition and interpretation: Yvan Talbot

Performers: Branca Scheidegger, Cédric Gagneur, Yonas Perou, Ernesto Marquez, Giulia Esposito, Rafael Smadja

Lights: Alizé Barnoud & Rafael Smadja

Costumes: Mélie Gauthier & Lisa Paris

Photographs: Yuri Tavares and Martin Reeve

Administration and diffusion: Mathias Ecoeur & Anna Ladeira - Ars Longa

Venues: Dansometre, Théâtre L'Oriental - Vevey and Nebia - Bienne

Production: Association On the Good Foot - Cie champloO

Delegated production: cie Tenseï


Co-production: fOrum culture

Support: Canton of Bern, City of Biel, Breakthrough Zurich Festival

Switzerland 2021

photos by Yuri Tavares
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