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I'm a loner | Mélanie Gobet


director and editor

Concept, text and choreography in collaboration with the team Mélanie Gobet

Performance: Jade Albasini, Sarah Bucher, Eléonore Heiniger

Sound design and stage management: Frank Bongni

Lighting design and stage management: Mario Torchio

Voice-over: Mélina Martin

Dramaturgy: Jean-Daniel Piguet

Set design: Antonie Oberson

Set sewing: Sandra Baudois

Assistant set designer: Julia Yerly

Costumes: Marie Romanens


Production: mg cie, Maxinthewood Productions

Coproduction Equilibre-Nuithonie - Fribourg


With the support of the State of Fribourg, Loterie Romande, Fondation FLUXUM, Prix PREMIO des arts de la scène, Fondation suisse des artistes interprètes (SIS)

Switzerland | 2021

photos by Yuri Tavares
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