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Favela Olímpica

documentary | 93'


The film unfolds in Rio de Janeiro on both sides of the wall separating the new Olympic Stadium and the favéla Vila Autódromo. Nothing prevents the co-existence of these two worlds but some judge them “incompatible” including Rio’s mayor.

His wish to reclaim these area reserved for Rio’s poor since the 1990 sets off a lopsided power struggle as people with little means fight to keep their home.

Meanwhile, the Opening Ceremony approaches . . . 

Directed by: Samuel Chalard
Written by: Samuel Chalard
Production: Frédéric Gonseth Productions
Producer Frédéric Gonseth
Cinematography: Patrick Tresch
Editing: Karine Sudan
Location Sound Mix: Samuel Chalard
Sound Editing: Stéphane Mercier
Sound Design: Stéphane Mercier
Rerecording Sound Mix: Stéphane Mercier, Stéphane Werner
Music: Guillaume Roy

Switzerland & Brazil | 2017

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Official Selection:
Solothurn, 53. Solothurner Filmtage, 25.01.2018 – 01.02.2018 
Sao Paulo, 41ª Mostra Internacional del Cinema de Sao Paulo, 19.10.2017 – 01.11.2017 
Chicago, 53rd Chicago International Film Festival, 12.10.2017 – 26.10.2017 
Florence, 58th Festival dei Popoli Firenze, 10.10.2017 – 17.10.2017 
Locarno, 70th Locarno Festival, 02.08.2017 – 12.08.2017 

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