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Bon Matin, à Tantôt

documentary | 3'35"


Short study about the quebecoise expressions with the inhabitants of Chicoutimi (Québec).

Made during Kinomada Saguenay 2016


Script: Cristina Müller

Production: Cristina Müller

Production Assistance: Karl Gaven-Venet

Camera: Clarissa Rebouças and Dominique Tremblay

Sound: Clarissa Rebouças and Andrée Anne

Makeup: Magali Ringuette

Editing: Cristina Müller and Morgane Ferrero

Sound mix: Maxime Cormier

Color Correction & Color Grading: Felipe Martínez


Spanish Subtitles: Karla Cynthia Garcia Martinez



Interviews with:


Amelia Brisson

Claude Girard

Claude Mungen

Cyndie Murray

Dominque Tremblay

Eric Ducharne

Jacqueline Lefebore

José Bourassa

Pierre Olivier Holland


Chicoutimi, Canada | 2016

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