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Alma de Orquestra | Orchestra Soul

short documentary | 15'30"

writer, director and editor

Orchestra Soul is a poetic short film that shows the everyday life of young musicians from a former orchestra in São Paulo (Brazil). Revealing moments inside the orchestra during rehearsals and also outside the orchestra, the film builds an overview about what is to be a young classical musician nowadays.

Production: Yuri Tavares
Cinematography: Otavio Pupo
Camera: Cristina Müller, Giuliano Rossi, Otavio Pupo and Yuri Tavares
Sound: Cristina Müller
Sound recording and mixing of final concert: Aécio de Souza and Billy Comodoro | Estúdio Aurora
Sound mixing: Vitor Motter
Color Correction and Color Grading: Alexandre Cristófaro | Clandestino
Photos by Yuri Tavares
Poster by Ana Key Kapaz

Produced by Varanda Filmes for the Sala de Notícias program/Futura TV Channel


São Paulo, Brazil | 2015

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